Youth Ministry and Vocation

 We had been doing Youth Ministry in our province since many years. But this year for the first time we have created a new prefecture in our province to make this ministry more effective, vibrant and dynamic. The last general chapter and our provincial chapter have called us to make this ministry as one of the priorities in our entire pastoral and education centres.  Our youth team is called as ST. Claret Youth and we have our motto as CLARET YOUTH FOR CHRIST. We also have coordinators and animators in all our centres. The objective of our youth ministry is promoting and fostering vocations by accompanying the life and culture of the young people and inviting the youth to experience Christ in their life. In the present situation the youth are being misguided, carried away by the attractions of the world, drawn in to different addictions and are negatively influenced by the media. So we have taken it as a challenge to accompany the young people and help them to discover and follow Jesus. Through different activities we help the youth to enhance their faith, develop a meaningful prayer life, and cultivate in them a sense of belonging to the Catholic Church. Our youth ministry also helps them to understand their social responsibility and respond to it with dedication and commitment.

We organize various activities at parish, zonal and regional level. Recent times we have organized youth camps, youth retreats, night vigil prayers and Eucharistic adorations. In many of our parishes we have taken up clean and green environment programme. Planting of trees and cleaning the campus and such activities have helped them to become aware of their social responsibilities. Visiting the sick, arranging blood donation camps, visiting orphanages and old age homes are also taken up regularly.

Our youth ministry points the way of building up a dream parish, with its accent on ministry to the young. Involvement of the youth in all our parishes and other centres will reshape, reform and revitalize the parish and serve the long term interest of the Catholic Church.

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