Mission Alive

Agents of Change and Development, Yesu Nilaya, Honnali

Yesu Nilaya has been trying to reach out to its neighbouring public through very many programmes to establish itself as the enlivening agent in the minds of the people.  Because of the social situation and various negative stigma labeled against the activities of Christianity and its denominations, it has been difficult to get into the mainstream activities of the society. As an evangelization Centre we have been trying to set a model of imparting values of the Kingdom of God through our participation in several public awareness programmes like, save water, anti-addiction camps for the Lambani group, advanced agricultural practices, green environment awareness, motivation classes for student and village development progammes in collaboration with Dharmastala self-help groups, Hirekal Mutt and Government Schools.

With the passing of time and cordial relationship, all our outreach programmes are well appreciated and people have a homely feeling in approaching us and collaborating with us in various initiatives. Now people feel free to visit our Centre, invite us for many of the common events related to public cause, village feasts and progammes of common interest. Recently we conducted two Anti-Addiction Camps together with “Janjagrutri Vedike” of Honnali for the marginalized group called “Lambanis” among whom we have more number of addicts. We also celebrated world environmental day together with the children and staff of Honnali Government School. Our efforts, slowly but steadily bring change in the mindset of the local people. They feel welcomed and welcoming to collaborate and participate; thus building confidence, love and mutual support.

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