Mission Alive

Reaching out to enrich the people spiritually, Christu Bhavan, Bhattiprolu

St. Claret Dhyanashram, a residential retreat Centre at Bhattiprolu, since its inauguration on 18 February 2018 by Most Rev Dr. Chinnabathini Bhagyaiah, the Bishop of Guntur, has been a source of spiritual enrichment for the people around. Every First Fridays and Second Saturdays we conduct one day prayer convention and every last Wednesdays of the month Night Vigil.  We also conduct every month four day’s residential retreats for different groups. During the month of March we conducted residential retreat for the Dheeksha People and in Month of May a retreat for the Youth.  As more people come to know about the Centre, more will benefit from it. 

At the parish level Bhattiprolu mission continues its mission of faith formation. For the spiritual development of the mission we organized different spiritual and orientation programme for the faithful in the parish as well as at the substations.  On 08 April 2018 we celebrated our parish feast with solemnity, which was also telecasted on regional catholic media. It was an occasion were all the faithful could gather as one family and enrich each other. During summer holidays we conducted a three day Camp for Children and seminar and retreat for the youth. JMJ Sisters helped us to conduct camps in the villages. During the month of May we had village feast day celebrations in two substations viz. Vellaturu and J.J Colony.  Recently on 17 June 2018 we celebrated Fathers’ Day in the parish to appreciate their hard work and dedication in building up of the families.   


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